City of Lavonia Fiber Feasibility Study

Enter your address below to show your interest in a City provided Fiber internet service.

Would you like the City of Lavonia to provide internet service to your home or business?  Enter your address above to show your interest.  Keep in mind, if the project proves feasible, actual internet service may not be provided for quite some time.

Take 5 minutes to fill out this call for Fiber internet service in the Lavonia area!

If the community shows enough interest in better internet service, the City of Lavonia will sell Fiber internet service as a utility.  

This provides two benefits.  First, better internet service!  Second a lower tax burden on the citizens!  

Should you need to call us, do so at 706-967-1040.  You can also email us at

Iron Grid Networks, the IT Department for small business, is excited to conduct this feasibility study for the City of Lavonia.